World Geography


The continent of Dardin consists of the Northern Coalition and the Southern Alliance seperated by the Lysrian River.

The Northern Coalition

The Northern Coalition consists of the lands north from the Lysrian River to the Dwarven ranges at the edge of the forgotten north.

It is a multicultural land and you are just as likely to see an elf walking down the street as you are a human. Some cities and towns are more populated by one race than another, but all races are welcomed

The major towns are:


The capitol of the Northern Coalition, a large, mostly human, city. The city has a good manufacturing base and can provide for most needs of travellers and adventurers. It also houses the only Arcane university throughout the Northern Coalition, due to the restrictions on magic throughout the land.

Port Lysra

A port city at the mouth of the Lysrian River. Due to the superstitious nature of sailors, divine magic is readily available throughout this city. Sea food is also plentiful. However items for adventuring on land are harder to come by in the Port city as a result of a lack of need.
For those who can negotiate a price, sea transport is available from the Port.


Due to its proximity to the southern garrison chain military manufacturing in this town is prevalent and of a high quality. During times of heightened tension with the south, weapons and armour may be in shorter supply however.


A mostly dwarven town at the foot of the ranges bordering the forgotten north. Raw materials from the dwarven mines are available here as are precious items such as gems. Dwarven manufacturing is also common and as a result dwarven specific weapons and armour are available at reasonable prices.
Special items made with materials such as mithral are also available here.

Other Towns

  • Altonshire
  • Chandar
  • Farrin

The Southern Alliance

The Southern Alliance claims the lands from the Lysrian River to the ranges boardering the Deep South. The Southern Alliance is mostly human, however other races are permitted.

Their capitol is Ralidor and it is similar in size to Absolom.

Not much is widely known about the cities and towns in Southern Alliance except for the town names:

  • Ralidor – Capitol
  • Thornshire
  • Stein-los
  • Ironspike
  • Arrosfar
  • Port of Myrhan
  • Mulberry End
  • Quelonshire

Other Lands

There is rumoured to be an Eleven Island off the coast of Dardin, somewhere in the North West Ocean.

World Geography

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